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Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Published Jul 16 2017

Let me just say that I was at first apprehensive about hiring a cleaning company in Franklin/Brentwood area as it seems everyone wants a lot of buck for their bang around here. We had not had our carpets/ floors cleaned since we moved in to the area 6+ years ago and with 5 children, all their friends, several openings to the outdoors, and 4 different pets, we had lots of dirt to remove. Josh called on his way and was on time time for our appointment. That was awesome since no one really wants to wait the full 2 hour time period that the schedule proposed when we called.  Josh then walks us though each of the areas and items we wanted cleaned. He explained pricing, so no hidden agenda. He then took the time to tell us when he didn't think a couch we wanted cleaned would be cleaned to our satisfaction and might actually make it worse or damage the couch. Yes, you read that correctly. Josh told us he wouldn't recommend his service for our couch.  When he was finished with servicing our home, Josh did a final walk though, made sure we got what we asked for and went though the instructions for the drying process of our rugs, carpets, and flooring so they would dry properly without damage to our home or the cleaned areas.    Now back to the "bang for our buck," I am completely satisfied that I got what I paid for. Six years of dirt and grime gone and everything came clean. Thank you Chem Dry of Franklin!

Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Published Aug 07 2018

Josh came out today and did a fantastic job on the carpets! We had the every carpet in the house done and they look almost new. We had a lot of pet urine stains that although I'd cleaned before, they still showed bright under the UV light....gross! We are now clean, sanitized and deodorized!! We will all breathe better this evening!! Thanks again Josh!!


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